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Auto Insurance Quote in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia isn’t one of the provinces in Canada with outrageous auto insurance prices. It runs countless coverage plans from various insurers with an average auto premium of 891CAD per annum.  Blessed with scenic waterfronts and a picture-worthy lighthouse to die for, residents and drivers in this region will continually witness zero to little hassle with auto insurance quotes. For this expose, we will be looking at a few regions in this province with an average auto insurance cost.


Endowed with affordable and protected insurance companies, car owners can make the right choices with their preferred coverage plans in Halifax. Insurers here not only provide the best quote for drivers, but they also give them free will to commute and shop for the best rates in the province. However, to enjoy the benefits of driving in this part of Nova Scotia, commercial and private car owners must have dent-free driving records. The region works with an average car insurance quote not higher than the 891CAD practiced by the main province.

Cape Breton

Cape Breton is the rugged coastline of Nova Scotia. It is best known for its dramatic coastal, hilly, forestry, Island, and highland view. Many people refer it as an exclusive colony perfectly carved out for residents and visitors therein.  Of a truth, it is a tourist attraction and car owners pay less for auto insurance quotes. The average auto insurance price takes turn rising and falling between 891CAD and 900CAD for a years’ premium; this is a fair deal compared to other regions in Canada.


Truro, the heart of Nova Scotia has an estimated population of 12,826 residents in it. In this part of the region, not a day passes-by without a chock-full of event. Live performances, bustling, business, development, and unique competition make it the right place to reside in Canada. Auto insurance companies here provide coverage plans just right for commercial and private car owners. Drivers can save a ton of 30% for other insurance packages which include home, business, motorcycle, boat, offices, and farm insurance. For the average premium in this part of the town, the heart of Nova Scotia runs a plan of 899CAD for a years’ premium.

New Glasgow

New Glasgow, the city mixed with great weather, health facilities, nature, history, and culture dazzles its visitors on a daily with modern conveniences anyone will never imagine. Residents and car owners here insure their vehicles and other properties with the best private insurance companies. You can shop extensively for car insurance quotes without spending a dime above 900CAD per year. More so, there are platforms provided for residents in New Glasgow to save more by combining both auto and home insurance policies at a reasonable discount.

Wrapping up

Having talked briefly on these places with an average auto insurance quote in Nova Scotia, it is paramount to note that this province runs a no-fault insurance system. Neither does it take age and marital status into consideration.  As such, car owners can file claims with their insurers regardless of whose fault it is in cases of accidents.

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