Auto Insurance Quotes in Manitoba

From factors like age, sex, car type, history of driving to the type of insurance organization running your insurance program, car owners surely have an overwhelming number of factors to deal with when it comes to auto insurance quotes in Canada; even more auto insurance quotes in Manitoba.

On the scale for the most expensive province for auto insurance rates in Canada, Manitoba tops it in the fourth position. It runs average auto insurance of 1,467CAD per annum and this price is believed to have fluctuated higher over the years.

When it comes to choosing the perfect auto insurance organization, some provinces depend greatly on private owned insurance organizations while others rely on public-owned auto insurance organizations.

An advantage the private auto insurance companies have over the public is that auto insurance prices are quite affordable; courtesy to internal competitions between multiple independent insurance companies in certain provinces. For public-owned insurance firms though, auto prices surely take a pound of flesh from most motorists driving through the routes of Canada.

If wishes were horses, car owners residing in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia will surely choose the private firms over the public-owned organizations.  However, that wouldn’t be the case because the government oversees the auto insurance programs in these provinces.

Well, the good thing about other provinces like Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island is that there are segregations as regards private and public auto insurance organizations. So, motorists get to choose the insurance organization that best suits their needs and income.

Here though, we will be looking at some of the places with average auto insurance quotes in Manitoba


Winnipeg is the largest city and capital of Manitoba. It runs an average auto insurance quote of 1,470CAD per annum. For a driver in this part of the town, getting auto insurance will give you certain coverage with padded packages as well. They do not only offer the mandatory auto insurance program, but they also offer various insurance options including Basic Autopac, Special Risk Extension coverage, and Optional Autopac. In the case of personal injury, vehicle damage, and third party liability, car owners are protected. The best part of Winnipeg insurance policies is that car owners get the chance to enhance their basic Autopac coverage with their optional Autopac option.


Located at the southwestern corner of Manitoba, Brandon is considered the second-largest city in the Province. Otherwise known as the wheat city, Brandon boasts of sound health care, manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, transport, and business services to mention a few. Brandon operates an average auto insurance quote of 1477CAD per annum; assumed to be a fair price in comparison to other publicly-owned auto insurance organizations. So, being a driver in this region, you wouldn’t have to fidget over the high rate of auto insurance quotes.

Wrapping up

Whatever the case, whether a private firm or a public-owned insurance organization, the game point is to have an auto insurance rate quite affordable for car owners. Also, from private owned insurance organizations to publicly owned firms, motorists have no choice than to have mandatory car insurance in Canada.

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