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Auto Insurance Quotes in Prince Edward Island

If you drive and live in any part of Prince Edward Island, one thing is certain; you will surely enjoy auto insurance policies at prices not too outrageous unlike popular cities in Canada. Prince Edward Island is a haven for its residents, favored with calm weather conditions, low population, zero accident rates, few car collisions, and of course, cheap auto insurance quotes. The average auto insurance quotes here come at a cost of 740CAD for a year’s premium.

In this piece, we will be looking at a few things that distinguish this city from other provinces in Canada. More so, we will be comparing a few places in Prince Edward Island with affordable average auto insurance quotes:

Distinguishing factors

Great economy

Prince Edward Island has a great economy that ventures more on fishing, tourism, and agriculture – these are important sectors and main industries that keep the city running with a daily generation of income for her upkeep.

Cheap residential housing

The population in Prince Edward Island is not up to a handful, so, for this reason, residential housing is widely accessible to the many residents therein.

Affordable standard of living

Not only do residents here swim in the roses of affordable auto insurance quotes, but they also beat other provinces to their games in regards to the comfortable and cheap standard of living.

Auto Insurance Quotes in Prince Edward Island

Having talked about a few distinguishing factors in Prince Edward Island, we will unravel in this section the varying average auto insurance quotes in these cities:


Let’s take our first leap with this flourishing community, Charlottetown. A city well known as the confederation center of the Arts endowed with music, shops, restaurants, and a National historic site to go with.   Residents and drivers here are bound to enjoy auto insurance quotes at a cost not up to 800CAD for a year’s premium. This automatically means that commercial and private car owners can confidently pay up auto insurance coverage plans while, of course, saving up for other insurance purposes.


Summerside is one of the top ten cities in Prince Edward Island that has grown over the years. The city prides in her with a population of 15,553 residents and drivers well catered for. The insurance policies in this part of the town are more than mouth-watering as they boast of top-notch insurance companies ever ready to give the right auto insurance coverage.

The average auto insurance quotes here, when compared to the main province, go overboard with just a 2% increase. Nevertheless, commercial and private car owners can afford this said auto insurance cost without a flinch in their finances.


Stratford, the provinces’ third-largest municipality constitutes a great percent of auto insurance companies in Prince Edward Island. The auto insurance companies here make life worth living for drivers and they provide an affordable average auto insurance quote of 750CAD yearly.

Although surrounded by agricultural communities slightly patterned from one another, Stratford boasts of interlocking crossroads perfectly fit for its road users. More so, with its less crowded population and a growth increase of 2.8 per year, this part of the town functions effectively even with its low auto insurance rates.

Wrapping up

Many things keep residents and car owners here and most importantly eye-opening ventures that attract tourists on a daily. However, auto insurance quotes will always be a concern for many. For this reason, we hope with this post, drivers can confidently shop and compare quotes in Prince Edward Island.

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