5 Best Car Mats to Buy

It is a common oversight to worry more about the exterior of a car than the interior. While no part of the vehicle is more important than the other, the interior of your vehicle should have the necessary and adequate attention it needs. 

To ensure that your car floor is free from dirt, mud and wear, you need a car mat. Car mats may yet be the most underrated car accessory ever. The ultimate function of a car mat is to keep the floor of your car clean and protect it from dust, sand, snow etc. 

Importance of Car Mats

  • Car mats keep your car clean
  • Car mats improve the look of your vehicle and give you a stylish and unique design you need
  • It also enhances car value by protecting your car interior from wear
  • Protect the cargo area from dirt, scratches and stain
  • Keep you safe and give you comfort while driving
  • Personalised and stylish driving

How to Buy Car Mats Online

Buying car mats online entails more than just reading reviews and looking at pictures. Looks may be deceiving, and reports may be misguiding. So you cannot trust the online market blindly. 

To be able to buy the ideal car mat online, you have to know what you are looking to get. There are qualities to look out for and features to take note of. Some of them include;

  • Type of Material: Car mats come in different materials and shapes. Generally, there is a rubber mat and the carpet mat. Car mats may feature spikes, grooves or caps that capture dirt and water. Depending on your environment and preference, a rubber mat or carpet mat is ideal for any car. Rubber and custom carpet car mat is following the Canadian car mat regulation. 
  • Non-sliding: One essential feature that a car mat should have is a non-sliding feature. Most carpet car mats have rubberised anti-slipping backing and tufts. A car mat that slides is not safe and defeats its entire purpose. There are also car mats that require fixation to stay put. Non-sliding is one of the essential features to look out for when shopping for your car mat online.
  • Easy to clean: Be it rubber or carpet floor, your car mat should be easy to clean. While some mats are good to go with a simple vacuum cleaning, others may need a proper beat down. Your car mat should also dry fast and not retain any smell. Additionally, it should be water-proof and scratch-resistant.
  • Size and Fitting: Not every car mat is ideal for your car. The same way you have to ensure that you have the best seat cover for your car, you have to ensure that you have the ideal car mat for your vehicle. 

Although buying online does not give you the luxury of testing the product, you can look for a custom mat or a universal mat that fits your car. 

Rubber Car Mats Vs Carpet Car Mats

While none is better than the other, you may want to consider the type of car mat that suits your style and need, before buying online. 

Rubber car mats are heavy duty and durable. They are also straightforward to clean and use. However, rubber mats come in limited colours. They come in black, brown and grey prevalently. So if you want a more personalised or customised mat, rubber mats may not suit you. 

Rubber mats also serve more protective functions because they have grooves and caps that trap dirt. They are perfect if you load a lot of dirt and debris into your car; you may want to consider a mat that is easy to clean.

Carpet mats are more about design than protection. Most carpet mats are custom made and engineered to fit specific cars. If you do not live in a place that attracts a lot of dirt but still want a floor covering, then a carpet mat will do the trick. They are easily embroidered and customised in different colours. 

Carpet mats improve the look of your car.

Universal Vs Custom Fit

Another vital thing to consider when buying your car mat is fitting. Some car mats are custom fit while some are universal. The terms “universal” and “custom fit” differentiates between car mats that fit different cars versus those that are specifically designed to fit only one chassis or brand. 

When buying your car mats online, carefully select the custom car mat for your car, if it is available. However, purchasing a custom made car mat for the wrong vehicle is not advised. Ill-fitted mats are unsafe and inefficient.

Motor Trend MT-923-BK Rubber Floor Mat 


Designed with maximum protection in mind, the Motor Trend Rubber Floor Mat is a unique product. Its constructed linear and diagonal ridges tend to trap dirt effectively. This rubber mat is of high quality odourless and non-toxic rubber.  

You can customise your own Motor Trend Floor mat by trimming. It also features ergonomic grooves on the surface to give your foot traction and comfort. It’s deep inverted shell design and rubberised nibs at the bottom ensure that the mat does not move. It is a universal rubber mat that you can trim to choice.

Top Features

  • Flex Tough 
  • No-Slip Grip 
  • Rubberised nibs
  • Built for Protection 
  • Ergonomic grooves
  • Designed for customisation and compatibility  

SEAKOMOTO For Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 2019 Floor Mats


This set of 5 SEAKOMOTO Floor mats are custom made mats for Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Cars. Made out of eco-friendly, durable and deluxe materials, this set of mats are easy to wipe clean and air dry. 

Being a custom made mat, it only fits Chevrolet Silverado 2019 and GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 2020 models, according to the simple installation guide. It doesn’t require any additional tools when installing. 

The heavy-duty latex material is odourless and protects the car against mess, sand, mud, stains and spills. A full set of this combo contains Front custom mat x 2pcs, rear custom mat x 1pc.

Top Features

  • Easy to clean
  • Custom fitting
  • Odourless
  • Easy to install
  • Non-skid back
  • High-quality, eco-friendly material

TURBO SII Custom Floor Mats for 2016/2017/2018 Jeep Renegade


For 2016/2017/2018 Jeep Renegade Car, the TURBO SII Custom Floor Mats is the best option. Designed with digital laser measurements, it fits the specific car perfectly. It is easy to install and remove in less than three minutes. 

This mat is made from adhesive TPE material to protect the car and prevent acid and muddy water. Extremely resistant to wear, the custom mats protect your car floor against rain, snow, mud and dust. Also resistant to extreme temperatures, It is designed not to curl, crack or bend.

Ultimately, it’s best features include deep, sculpted channels and reservoir to keep fluids and dirt off your carpets. 

Top Features

  • Environmental protection
  • Odourless
  • Non-slip and durable material
  • Scratch prevention
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Resistant to wear 
  • High-quality rubber
  • Extreme temperatures resistant

MUSEE Universal Car Floor Mat Carpet 


With a recyclable PVC non-slip material, The MUSEE Universal Car Floor Mat is a perfect fit for all car types. It comes in colour blue and has an elegant design. Its surface velvet material is very comfortable on the feet and helps relieve foot fatigue.

It is easy to maintain, and you can clean it with a vacuum or use of soap and water. As a universal car mat, it fits a wide variety of cars and does not require trimming. To ensure that it doesn’t slip, the back is of high-quality PVC, which keeps it in place.

Top Features

  • Surface velvet material 
  • Non-slip PVC material
  • Universal
  • Environmental protection

oEdRo Car Floor Mats 


With an advanced and outstanding 3D laser scanning tech, oEdRo Floor Mat is exclusively compatible with 2008-2009 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab. 

Conducive for all-weather, this car mat is immune to extreme weather conditions. It also protects against rain, fog, snow, fluids and debris. oEdRo is of durable and odourless TPE material which is wear-resistant, heat resistant and flexible.

It comes with snap-in clips to ensure that the mat does not slip, slide or shift around and hinder the pedals. The oEdRo Car mat set contains:

2x Front Mats (Driver & Passenger Side)

1x One-Piece Rear Liner and 

1x Installation Manual

Top Features 

  • Eco-safe & odourless material
  • Durable & flexible TPE
  • Waterproof & stain-resistant
  • Snap-in clips to prevent anti-sliding
  • Lasts through all weather
  • Safe and non-skidding

Consequently, car mats are both beautiful and functional. With the plethora of seemingly good products online, it may be challenging to make the right choice. You can only make an ideal choice if you know the specifications to check. This article should be your guide when choosing your custom or universal car floor mats. 

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