10 Best Motorcycle Covers

When you own a motorcycle that you value so much, it is only natural to want to protect and safeguard it. One of the best and easiest ways to protect your motorcycle is by using a motorcycle cover. A motorcycle cover is primarily designed to protect a motorcycle from weather elements and dirt.

There are many motorcycle covers but not all of them are good for your motorcycle. A good motorcycle cover should truly protect your motorcycle and not just cover it.  This means that the motorcycle cover itself must have the best features. Below are 10 recommended motorcycle covers that offer great value.  

1. Favoto Motorcycle Cover

For the outdoor protection of your motorcycle, the Favoto Motorcycle cover is one of the best. With 3 unique reflection slips, your motorcycle is more visible at night. The motorcycle cover has an inner silver coating which protects your motorcycle from all weather conditions.  The safety of your motorcycle is assured because of the reinforced lock-hole which is compatible with all kinds of motorcycle locks. 

Its adjustable heavy-duty tie-down straps ensure that the cover does not sag and does not flap about in the wind. The cover is snugly fitted to your motorcycle by its elastic cord at the bottom.  A complete package of this item comes with 1 x Favoto Motorcycle cover, 1 x Motorcycle storage bag. 

Top Features

  • 3-night reflection slips
  • High-quality material
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Reinforced lock holes
  • Front and rear windproof buckle
  • Bottom elastic cord
  • Universal fit 

2. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

Made from high-quality nylon oxford material, XYZCTEM Motorcycle cover gives your motorcycle ultimate protection from all types of weather conditions. It covers your motorcycle from top to bottom and doesn’t expose any part. It is lightweight, non-scratch and soft on the face. 

This motorcycle cover is designed to fit multiple motorcycles from up to 108 inches of Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha motorcycles. Its breathable fabric ensures that the motorcycle cover does not trap heat.  There will be no flapping in the wind because it is made with double-stitched windproof fabric. 

Top Features

  • Improved weather protection
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Non-scratch
  • Lightweight
  • Universal fit
  • Windproof and double stitched
  • Nylon Oxford material


Available in four different sizes, the WDLHQC Motorcycle Cover is a universal fit for most standard-sized bikes. It is made from high-quality 210D Nylon Oxford and PU waterproof coated material to protect your bike from all weather conditions.  The inside of the cover has a waterproof coating that protects it from rain, heat and snow.  This motorcycle cover can withstand 2000 Pa water pressure, unlike other covers that only withstand 700-800 Pa. 

Also, it has heavy-duty buckles at the bottom that enhances its windproof features. It has an anti-theft design that features two specially designed lock holes that are rustproof and strong. The elastic bands, buckles and straps keep the cover snug and firm on your motorcycle. 

Top Features

  • High-quality material
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • High-pressure resistance
  • Antitheft properties
  • Universal fit
  • Safe and secure
  • Easy storage
  • Adjustable heavy-duty buckles
  • Elastic cord

4. Nuzari Premium Heavy-duty Motorcycle Cover

If you must park your motorcycle outside or for a long time, then The Nuzari Premium Heavy-duty Motorcycle Cover has got you covered. It keeps your motorcycle dry and protected from every weather element. Its built-in air vents allow moisture to evaporate, preventing the formation of mild dew and rust. With a reinforced elastic hem, the cover provides the perfect fit for your motorcycles. 

At night, your motorcycle will get some attention because of its reflective stripes. In addition, it has lock holes for protection against theft. Its interior heat shield protects the cover from melting and scorching even when it comes in contact with the exhaust. Its unique and stylish design makes it stand out from other motorcycle covers on the market. 

Top Features

  • Universal fit for most motorcycles
  • Reflective strips
  • Heavy-duty elastic bottom
  • Luggage strap
  • Breathable material
  • Dry and comfy
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Overall protection

5. Puroma XX-Large Motorcycle Cover

With the safety of your motorcycle in mind, the Puroma Waterproof Motorcycle Cover comes highly recommended. Equipped with front lock opening, it is suitable for most motorcycle locks. It has windproof buckles with adjustable straps that secure the cover and prevent it from being blown away. 

With 4 reflective warning stripes, your motorcycle will be easy to find in the dark. Its lock holes keep it safe from thieves and prevent the cover from being blown away. It is lightweight and easy to store in its storage bag. 

This waterproof motorcycle cover is made from high-quality 210D fabric which keeps the motorcycle clean and dry. The complete package of this product should include 1 x Puroma motorcycle bike cover and 1 x storage bag. 

Top Features

  • Durable material
  • Safety lock holes
  • Windbreak Buckles
  • 4 reflective stripes
  • Easy to store
  • Waterproof
  • Universal fit
  • Lightweight
  • Reflective straps and windproof buckles


The INMOZATA Motorcycle Cover package includes 1 x motorcycle cover and 1 x carrying bag. Its smart design keeps it firmly in place with 2 aluminium locks and 2 windproof buckles. These motorcycle covers assure reliable protection against all weather conditions with its waterproof material. 

It is designed to release heat in order to prevent your paint job from fading. Made from 210D oxford material, it stretches 2 times better than general nylon. Its anti-wear performance makes it more durable than 190T covers. For all motorcycles of up to 87 inches, this motorcycle cover is a perfect fit. 

Top Features

  • Durable material
  • Waterproof
  • High-quality 210D oxford material
  • Anti-theft lock holes
  • Universal fit
  • Inner waterproof coating
  • 2 aluminium locks and 2 windproof buckles

7. Velmia Motorcycle Cover

Coming in XX-large sizes, the Velmia Motorcycle Cover is a universal fit for most standard sized motorcycles. Its durable material serves as its most outstanding feature. To support its fast and simple installation features, it comes with 3 adjustable securing straps, 2 elastic hems stretch and 2 reinforced lock openings. 

Additionally, its soft inner material protects the motorcycle from scratches. This motorcycle cover supports compliant parking and allows you to display your licence plate number. It has a ventilation opening, which is located at each handlebar level, to prevent condensation. 

With a reflector, your motorcycle will be visible at night to ensure maximum safety. The heat resistant fabric protects to 575F near the exhaust area. 

Top Features

  • Durable material
  • Breathable and scratch-free
  • Easy to install and use
  • Waterproof and heat resistant
  • Tear-resistant and UV stabilized
  • Displays your licence plate 
  • Reflectors 
  • Ventilation opening

8. Rusee Motorcycle Cover

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor covering, the Rusee Motorcycle Cover offers maximum protection of your motorcycle.  The all-season cover has sewn-in holes to support wheel lock. This motorcycle cover is made from non-abrasive water repellent 180T PU coated polyester taffeta. It is soft, lightweight and suitable for all weather conditions. 

Both the interior and the exterior of the motorcycle cover has optimal waterproof features. Its XX-large size is suitable for all standard sized motorcycles up to 96 inches. Even though it is extra-large, it can be folded into a compact size to fit into your tank bag, saddle bag or top case easily. 

Top Features 

  • Durable material
  • High-quality polyester
  • Extra-large size
  • Waterproof
  • All-season and non-abrasive
  • Easy to store
  • Ultra-safe locks

9. Badass Motogear Motorcycle Cover

With a lot of special features, Badass Motogear Motorcycle Cover is a high-quality product. It is a rugged UV resistant cover suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its Hi-tech, lightweight material is easy to put on and put off. Superior waterproofing is assured because of its taped seams. Your windscreen is protected by its scratch-free soft lining. 

For night visibility, it has reflective strips as well as double vents to prevent condensation. Its metallic heat shield protects the cover from heat which enables you to cover it soon after riding. 

Top Features 

  • Sturdy
  • Waterproof material
  • Reflective stripes 
  • Elastic bottom for a custom fit
  • Available in various sizes
  • EZ-buckle adjustable straps to prevent wind lofting 
  • Lightweight
  • Metallic heat shield for exhaust area
  • Easy to put on and put off
  • Scratch-free windshield lining
  • Double vents
  • Hidden pockets for cable lock and alarm 

10. Dowco Guardian Motorcycle Cover

With a premium waterproof feature, Dowco Guardian Motorcycle Cover protects your motorcycle from all weather conditions. Made of heavy-duty Climashield Plus fabric protection, a 300 Denier and solution-dyed polyester fabric, it is a durable water-repellent top cover. The reflective moisture-guard vent system provides added visibility while allowing moisture to escape.  

This motorcycle cover also has an elastic shock cord and a polyester webbing belly strap, sewn into the bottom to provide a snug fit and protect against strong wind. For easy storage and convenient transporting the package includes a storage bag.


Top Features

  • Heavy-duty 
  • Double stitch and sealed seam
  • Heatshield
  • Lock pass-through
  • Alarm pocket
  • Soft cotton interior 
  • Windshield lining
  • Moisture guard vent
  • Climashield plus waterproof fabric
  • Compression storage bag

Consequently, you should be able to sleep at night with your motorcycle parked outside, if you have a motorcycle cover that offers great value. Motorcycle covers can never be overrated because of the value they offer to you and your motorcycle. With any of the above-listed products, you can be sure that you have one of the best car covers that offer great value. 

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