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10 Best Folding Electric Bikes

Folding electric bikes are a more portable type of electric bikes. Their ability

to fold in half makes it very convenient to move from one place to another. You can carry it in the trunk of your car, get it on board a bus or cab, or store it where there is limited space. Bottom line is, the stress associated with moving/storing electric bikes is almost non-existent with folding e-bikes.

Besides making transportation and storage very easy, folding electric bikes are more affordable. The starting price of folding e-bikes is significantly lower than non-folding e-bikes.

If you love an e-bike that has all these perks, we have reviewed and selected some of the top folding e-bikes to consider if you decide to get one for yourself.

Top 3 Best Reviewed Electric Bikes in Canada

1. DJ Fat Bike ⍟⍟⍟⍟⍟

DJ Fat Bike


  • Canadian Brand
  • Certified 
  • 500W power motor and battery
  • Affordable
  • Stainless sporty aluminum frame
  • Bafang motor
  • Mozo suspension fork
  • Shimano gear
  • Tektro brakes
  • Manufacturer warranty applied


2. Prague Electric Mountain Bike ⍟⍟⍟⍟


  • Sturdy
  • Light weight, easy handling
  • Weighs in at 55lbs including electric components
  • Das-Kit 350W rear-drive motor
  • 468Wh DeHawk battery
  • Das-Kit L6B LCD display
  • Reaches 20mph with ease
  • 6 levels of pedal assistance
  • Up to 60 miles in Eco mode.
  • Trail riding with Suntour and Schwalbe


Moscow Plus Electric Mountain Bike ⍟⍟⍟⍟


  • Motor: Das-Kit X15 Drive motor 48V 500W
  • Charger: 48V 2A
  • Battery: DEHAWK I5, 48V 16AH, 768WH, with USB port
  • Average range: 30-60+ depending on assistance level selected
  • Display: LCD Das-Kit L7 display with many functions, 4mph walk assist
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano, Acera, RD-M360, 8 speed
  • Tire: Schwalbe, SMART SAM
  • Saddle: VELO designed by NCM
  • Seat Post: Promax, Alu.MA-471, Ext 90mm
  • Grip: VELO, ergonomic
  • Pedal: Wellgo. B087


RadMini 4

radmini 4

Photo: Rad Power Bikes

The 4th generation of RadMini is a great folding bike to make your own. It is a compact, off-road capable, 750-watt machine. Folding the RadMini is a seamless process and it can be done in a very short time. There is a handle built into the back to enable riders to fold and lift the back easily. RadMini bikes now use the same battery packs for all their bikes. What this means for you is that you can swap out dead batteries (if you have a spare) and cover more miles with your folding bike. 

Magnum Classic 48

magnum classic bike

Photo: Magnum Classic

The Magnum Classic 48 offers more value for less. It features a rear rack, front suspension fork, a high-performing 48v battery pack, and a motor that peaks at 700 watts. It is easy to fold and move around; in just a few steps the whole thing collapses into a mini, movable piece. Magnum comes in two colour variants: black, and white colours, both having neon accents to accentuate. If you’re concerned about safety (as you should) there are light bulbs in the front and rear of the bike. These should be useful at night.

For some other bikes, the suspension seat post with pre-load adjust comes as an extra feature which requires extra money but it’s standard on the Magnum Classic. Overall, it’s a great folding bike to own.

Qualisports Volador

Qualisports e-bike

Photo: Qualisports

Electric folding bikes fold but some do it better than others. The Qualisports Volador is one of those with an edge. Asides being able to fold easily, the handlebars are well-protected afterwards. The seats protrude at the top and are adjustable, you can even walk the bike in this position by grabbing the seat and pushing. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Need to take a break, sit down, or wait at a bus station? In the folded position, you can comfortably sit on the seat. The bike balances on a metal cord that makes contact with the ground. Qualidor’s 252-watt hour battery isn’t significant but is perfect for quick trips.

Blix Vika


Photo: Blix

The Blix Vika folds fast, not only that, its magnetic clasps prevent it from unfolding. The pedals are foldable too. While this may not seem to make a difference, you may find it useful in very tight storage conditions. The bike has a metal fender which helps with the stability of the fender and the rack.  The motor peaks at 750 watts and it has a top speed of 32 kph. There are several useful accessories to get for the Vika: rear rack cushion, trunk bag, folding latch magnet retainer, and others.

Epik Swan

epik swan 350

Photo: e-Joe ebikes

The epic Swan 350 is a feature-rich electric folding bike. It has a 350-watt and 500-watt version. Both versions have one frame colour (blue for 350, and black for 500). The low seat height allows a variety of riders to comfortably sit and ride. There is a Velo saddle, battery integrated lights at the front and rear, a standard gauge tubing for the rack, a rear kickstand to prevent pedal lock when reversing, and more. In its folded position, it can be wheeled like a shopping cart.

RadMini Step-Thru 2

radmini stp-thru 2

Photo: Rad Power Bikes

RadMini Step-Thru 2 is a stunner. It has great features and offers a smooth ride. If you’re in Vancouver Canada and you choose to buy this bike (or any RadPower bike for that matter) you get the Rad Mobile Service. It’s not free though, for about CA $200 they deliver, assemble and provide maintenance support. This RadMini e-bike has a custom 3.3″ tires built to prevent puncture. The handlebar is adjustable, the seat too; this allows people of different body sizes to comfortably ride the bike.

Enzo e-bike


Photo: Enzo ebikes

If you prefer your e-bike battery and motor not visible you should go for an Enzo e-bike. Both components are hidden by the frame and wheel design. Though out of sight, you can still remove the battery for off-bike charging. Front battery-powered LED light, a reliable rear rack, fenders, are some of the features of the Enzo e-bike. It’s a great folding electric bike worth buying.

Lectric XP

Lectric XP

Photo: Lectric ebikes

Lectric bikes is a relatively young e-bike manufacturing outfit. But already they have a folding Lectric XP that is value-priced. The bike folds well, but like most e-bikes, in the folded position, you may need to place a cloth or bungee cord between the rack area and the suspension fork to prevent contact and rust. You can also use the piece of foam that comes with the bike. Lectric XP is available in 2 colours, has twist throttle, and can hit up to 45 kph.

Qualisports Nemo

Qualisports Nemo

Photo: Qualisports

If you like your e-bike with less electric component visibility, you should like the Qualiports Nemo. It’s an affordable piece of work. The battery and most of the components are interchangeable on other Qualisports e-bikes – Dolphin and Volador. Its folding ability is straightforward and you can walk with it or slide the seat post down and turn it into a makeshift chair. There is an integrated headlight, 3.5-hour battery charge time, and an estimated maximum range of 48 kph. 

These folding electric bikes will serve you well should you decide to get one. Remember to do a test ride to be sure that the selected bike is best for you. 

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