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2 Ways to jumpstart a car without another car

One of the daunting situations for most car drivers is to find themselves deserted in the middle of nowhere. It could happen due to a dead battery. The very first thought that could occur in your mind is that you need another car to get rid of this situation, right? Well, you are not on the right track if you think so. We are going to tell you how to jumpstart your car without having another one around you.

Jumpstarting means to initiate, restart, or improve something with external assistance. In the case of a car, this external aid could either come from another car or by using some tools.

A car battery can be dead due to many reasons. Some of these reasons include accidentally leaving the headlights of your car on, excessively using components of your automobile, etc. These components especially include those which consume too much electricity such as lights, AC, sound system, and stuff like that. All these things result in draining the battery of the car. It also depends on the model and size of your car. Bigger cars require more power, and hence, with little charging of the battery, they cannot go far.

Tools required to jumpstart a car without another car

  • Safety glasses
  • Some people (if you are going for the pushing technique to jumpstart)
  • A charged cell phone (in the case nothing works out for your car)

We will discuss two methods by which you can effortlessly jump-start your car without the help of another car. These methods are pretty safe, and anyone can try these.

Method 1 – By push-starting your car

push start car

It is the simplest method of getting your car back to its life. In this method, the engine is brought back to its life with some external force instead of another battery or a starter. The steps included in this method are:

  1. Guide your friends to go to the backside of your car and be ready to exert all the force to their maximum.
  2. Get yourself in the driver’s seat and turn the ignition key to the ‘ON position’.
  3. Press the clutch pedal while the parking brake is in action and immediately switch to the second gear. First gear could cause harsh resistance, so we do not recommend that.
  4. Now, step on to the brake pedal and let the parking brake go off.
  5. Direct your friends to start pushing the car while you release the brake.
  6. Leave the clutch pedal brusquely at the speed of about five mph.
  7. The car will gain momentum with the engagement of the engine while pushing.
  8. Most probably, the engine will start, and you will be good to go.
  9. If it does not happen for some reason, try starting the car at a bit higher speed.
  10. If it still does not work out, then you might be having some other serious issue. Try contacting your mechanic or call for assistance as soon as possible.


Method 2 – By using a jump starter

The jump starters (or jump-start boxes) are portable batteries that have jumper cables attached to them. These small boxes are a must-buy for every driver, and they should be present all the time in your car. They are safer than jumper cables themselves because they help prevent voltage spikes that are way too dangerous for the car. Some of them also come with a USB port for charging and safety lights designed for operating at night time. They are easily available at automobile shops as well as online stores.

The steps included in this method of using a jumpstarter are as follows:

  1. First of all, ensure that your jump starter box is fully charged.
  2. If it is not charged enough, then do it before proceeding further.
  3. The latest models of jump starters have jumper cables attached to them. If your jump-start box does not have them, connect the separate jumper cables of your car to the correct terminals.
  4. Connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the battery of your car (you will see a positive ‘+’ sign or a red clamp on the battery).
  5. Similarly, connect the black cable with any grounded surface on your car. It should be unpainted as well because the paint carries a charge.
  6. After connecting both the cables, turn on the jump starter box.
  7. Then, start your car after a few minutes.
  8. If the engine does not get started, wait for a few more minutes for the battery to get charged enough to start the engine.
  9. Start the car again. The engine will work out now.
  10. Now, turn off the jump starter box.
  11. Detach the clamps of jumper cables. It is important to note that clamps should be removed in reverse order as they were connected. First, remove the black cable and then the red one.
  12. It is suggested that one should always charge the jump starter again as you might need it for a second time. And yes, you are good to go now.

If both of these methods do not work for you, pick out your cell phone and call for assistance because you are unable to go anywhere. The helpline number is usually printed on your insurance card.


There is not always anyone for you in your mishaps. It may also happen that if you try to jumpstart your car with another car, it will not be compatible with your car battery.

Jumpstarting your car without another car is beneficial as it saves much time and you do not have to depend on others. You can easily go for these two mentioned methods without any worries. Both of the methods vary from one another. You can choose the one that works the best for you and your car.

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