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7 Ways to Keep Rodents Out of your Car

Don’t be taken in by those cute faces. Rodents in a vehicle can lead to great loss because they may damage some significant parts of your car if left unchecked. This article will help you understand some of the ways of keeping rodents out of your vehicle.

Some of the ways presented are keeping the car clean, eliminating foodstuffs out of the car, using repellants, fragrances and odours, setting traps, and keeping the hood popped, blocking the entrance, and using a car regularly.

Let’s get into the details!

How to Keep Rodents (Rats, Squirrels and Mice) Out of your Car

1. Keeping the car clean       

This might seem too obvious but keeping out rodents often starts with a clean car. Keeping your car clean most of the time will keep away the rodents. A dirty car provides a good environment for the rodents to set up a home and stay there comfortably. A good car cleaning kit is great to have.

While rodents invade a car, the environment inside becomes unconducive since it can be disruptive by producing unpleasant sounds. The rodents also tire the seats and make them porous by water while cleaning the car.

2. Eliminating food substances

Eliminating foodstuffs or sources from the car put the rats away since they won’t have anything to attract them to the car. It is highly recommended that you have and regularly use a great working car vacuum cleaner. That’s the surest way to get rid of food particles effectively.

Rodents are attracted to food such as dry food, livestock feeds, and many more. Therefore, to keep them away, a car should never have food inside overnight.

Some of the most recommended means of disposing of food are cartons made of cardboard, plastic bags, or sometimes use cloth bags.

3. Repellants, fragrances and odor

Strong repellants, fragrances, and odours in the car can help put rats away from the car. Mouse and rats are sensitive to odour, which is advantageous since they can be kept away by the use of these smells.

Depending on the fragrance and sensitivity of the car owner, the method might not be the best option. Still, putting laundry dryer sheets will make the rodents vacate your car very quickly since it has a smell that the mice do not like.

4. Traps

This one is kind of messy (depending on the trap you use) but very effective! To keep the rodents away, setting traps is another way to go. Traps will ensure that if some of the rodents find their way into the car, they can be trapped and killed before they can multiply.

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of trap killed rodent, you might want to go for the Kenzier rodent trap.

Traps may be set at the entrances to the garage or sometimes scattered around the vehicle. Nevertheless, the mouse is likely to enter through the front wheel, therefore putting your trap at this location will ensure the rodents are trapped while trying to enter the engine bay.

5. Popped hoods

Keeping the hood popped is another way to ensure rats cannot enter the car. The rodents find the engine a very conducive place to build their shelter because of the warmth produced by the engine.

Opening the hood will make the place unattractive to rodents; the hood lifts the roof of the places that the rodents will try to live in. As a result, the rodents will move away from the car.

6. Blocking entry locations

Blocking the probability entry point of these rodents helps put them away from the vehicle.  Rodents will try to enter the car through some of the ventilation spaces left in the car for air circulation. In this regard, putting blocks such as using mesh wire at these locations will ensure they have nowhere to enter. We recommend stainless steel mesh woven wires.

7. Regular use of car

The other way to keep the rodents away from the car is to ensure regular car use. Leaving a car unused for long will make the car prone to rodents.

The rodents will settle in the unused car for a long time since there is no disruption in the unused car. To disrupt the rodents regular car use is important.


Some ways to keep rodents away from a car are by making sure the car is clean, ensuring there are no foodstuffs in the car, use of repellants, using traps, opening the hood, blocking entry points, and using the car regularly. By observing these methods, the rodents will be kept away from the car and no harm due to rodents.

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