How to put windshield wiper fluid in a car

Suppose you are enjoying your drive in your car and all of a sudden the windshield of your car gets dirty. It is most likely that you’d turn on your windshield wipers. And what if these wipers do not spray out any fluid when you press the button?

It can be very alarming because you want to have a spotless and clean windscreen so that other vehicles and things on the road are visible to you. Everyone is prone to accidents caused by unclear windshields.

If you run out of the fluid used in windshield wipers, you will be unable to wash out the windscreen of your car while driving. To understand how to put windshield wiper fluid in your car, you must first understand the workings of a windshield system.

The Workings of the windshield washer system

The workings of the windshield washing system is pretty easy to understand. The windshield wiper system runs with the help of a washing pump. This pump is usually found at the bottom of the wiping fluid tank.

When the driver presses the spring-based button (present on the steering pillar), it activates the washing pump along with the windshield wipers. Washing fluid is propelled with the help of a tube made up of plastic. This fluid goes up towards the windscreen.

The tube divides into two strokes and the wiping fluid is thrust onto the windshield through nozzles. These nozzles are positioned on the car hood.

Tools required to put windshield wiper fluid in a car

You require only these two tools to refill windshield fluid in your car. These tools are easily accessible and you can buy them from any online store or an automobile shop.

Steps to put windshield wiper fluid in a car

Always make sure to purchase the best-quality fluid for your car that is temperature appropriate, and has rain repellent as well as anti-freezing properties.

Putting windshield wiper fluid into your car is a very stress-free task. It hardly takes ten minutes to refill this fluid. In the latest automobiles, a check warning light on the dashboard illuminates when the wiper fluid is running low. So, if the light turns on, you know what to do.

windshield wiper sign

Follow these simple steps to refill the fluid:

  1. First of all, make sure that your car is parked on a plain and leveled surface to avoid any confusion about the markings of the windshield wiper fluid.
  2. Then, open the hood of your car and secure it with the help of a lever present nearby.
  3. Now, find the windshield wiper fluid reservoir over there. This reservoir may be placed at different places in different cars. It is mainly subjected to the model and brand of your automobile. Usually, it is located alongside the engine cover and can also be seen near the windscreen itself. You can identify it by seeing the mark designed on the lid of the reservoir (SEE PICTURE ABOVE). The wiper fluid compartment usually appears like a long white tube. If you are unable to locate it still, please see the manual of your car to find it.
  4. After locating the windshield wiper fluid container, look for the marking lines on the container. If the fluid is up to the maximum-marked line and does not come out when you press the button, it means there is some hindrance in the pipelines. And if the check warning light illuminates, but the container is full, it may be due to some fault in the sensors. Check if the container is considerably low with fluid.
  5. Remove the lid of the reservoir by rotating it in the counter-clockwise direction.
  6. Put the lid on some clean and tidy place free of dirt because if you do not do so, it may get dirty and dirt can get mixed with the fluid. Resultantly, it can ruin the fluid and clog the pipelines.
  7. Now, grab the funnel and insert it into the reservoir.
  8. Take the new high-quality windshield washer fluid and start pouring it into the container. Never overfill it and do not fill up to the indicated mark because it may expand due to the heat released by the engine. Always leave some room so that the fluid may not spill out when you place the lid over the container.
  9. Wipe up the extra or spilled fluid with a towel or any clean piece of cloth.
  10. After filling the reservoir with the windshield wiper fluid, take the lid, and place it back over the container. Rotate it in the clockwise direction to fix it properly over the container. It is advisable to clean the lid with a towel before placing it over the reservoir to ensure safety.
  11. Close the hood of the car and dispose of the fluid bottle properly.
  12. Now, get back into your car to test the wipers. Activate the wipers by turning on the button and make sure that they are working well.

windshield liquid

Warning: There is also a coolant overflow reservoir near the windshield wiper fluid container. Make sure that you pour the fluid into the correct container. If you mistakenly poured it into the wrong container, do not start your car! It may cause severe problems. The radiator system needs to be rechecked and flushed out.

The coolant overflow often looks like this :

coolant overflow


In a nutshell, driving with a filthy windscreen is not only risky, but it can also cause problems in navigating the roads. Debris, grime, dirt, and mud can make your windscreen completely smear sooner or later. It may become impossible to drive.

So, keeping the windshield wiper fluid container of your car full is very important as it aids a neat and clean windshield. Hence, it adds to your as well as your passenger’s safety.

If you find it difficult to put the windshield wiper fluid into your car, you should contact an expert or go to any automobile shop to get it refilled.

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