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2 Ways to Reset Car Computer without Disconnecting Battery

Want to reset your car computer without disconnecting the battery while having no clue at all? If yes, you do not have to worry about it anymore! In this article, we are going to tell you everything regarding the resetting of ECU.

What is a Car Computer?

ECU is a small device referred to as the electronic control unit of a car. It is the chief computer of the vehicle. It is used to control a specific function of your car. This computer is nearly present in all the latest and modern cars these days. ECU is also known as ECM (Engine Control Module) or PCM (Powertrain Control Module). You can find it underneath the wipers behind the trim made of plastic.

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Purpose of the Car Computer

The car computer aka the brain of the car targets getting information about the engine network of the car. It holds onto the changes that take place in the engine when you are driving. All of this information is present in memory, and the battery backs this info up. The car computer reads out from the last kept values rather than beginning from zero whenever you start your vehicle. Nevertheless, it might fluctuate and leave you in trouble. Therefore, you have to reset the car computer.

We are here to discuss two methods by which you can easily reset your car computer without even disconnecting the battery.

Tools Required to Reset Car Computer without Disconnecting Battery:

You require only these two tools:

If you do not have a fuse puller, you can also use a pair of pliers instead.

Method 1 – Through Fuse Box:

You can effortlessly reset your car computer by following these simple steps without detaching the battery from your engine.

  1. First of all, you need to trace the fuse box. It is usually located at the side of the driver beneath the steering wheel after the battery. You have to find a covering which has all the details of fuses with their ampere rating.
  2. After finding the fuse box, take the covering away.
  3. Grab the fuse pullers (or the pair of pliers) and pull the backup fuses with the help of these pullers.
  4. Find another fuse referred to as the ECU fuse and pull this fuse out too.
  5. After detaching both fuses, wait for eight to ten minutes. It will make your car comprehend all the new modifications it will undergo. If you do not wait enough, it may cause issues.
  6. After keeping them disconnected for eight to ten minutes, properly reattach them with caution together with the car computer.
  7. Place the covering back to its place.
  8. Now, test your car by driving it for some minutes. If the check engine light does not light up, it means you are good to go. But, if your check engine light illuminates, slow down the speed of your car along with the load and immediately check for a professional nearby or book an appointment with the mechanic.

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Method 2 – By turning your car off and on:

You guys do not require any specific tool if you follow this method by doing these easy steps.

  1. Get in your car. It is totally up to you whether you close the door or not as it does not matter at all.
  2. Put your key inside the socket and push the engine button to turn the car ON, but do not start it.
  3. Push the gas pedal five times within five seconds immediately with the key inserted.
  4. Then, wait for a few seconds while pushing the gas pedal.
  5. After ten seconds, slowly release the gas pedal and see the check engine light (it will blink).
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 and look at the check engine light again (it will blink rapidly after being diminished).
  7. Turn off the car by removing the key.
  8. Wait for two to three minutes for the complete alliance.
  9. Now, turn the car ON again and drive it in a usual manner. It will reset the computer of your car.

If it doesn’t work for you in the first go, try twice or thrice. It will work out. If it still does not work, contact your mechanic.

By applying these two methods, you will not have to remove the negative and positive battery terminals. By disconnecting the battery, you will end up erasing the entire memory of your car. No doubt, it resolves the problem of resetting the car computer, but it resets all the other important information in your vehicle too that you might need later.

If you feel that your car is facing any difficulties while starting, it may be a sign to reset your car computer. Some other warnings include a burning smell, a lightened check engine light, unstable behavior of the engine, or other issues related to the engine. If you follow these above-mentioned simple steps, there are high chances that you will not need any mechanic or professional.

These steps are tested and tried by many users, drivers, experts, and specialists. So, you can follow them to reset your car computer effectively without disconnecting the battery.

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Always be thoughtful and pay heed to the danger-causing signs from your vehicle.

Never hold back for the indications to lessen on their own. This is because your car could keep giving a poor performance or it may depreciate into a dangerous condition for you and also affect other people on the road.

A defective car computer would be a basis for problems related to money, security, time, and many other things. So, think through your choices well, especially in the case of resetting the car computer.

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