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How to Get a Stuck Lug Nut Off

Replacing a tire is an easy task but it can turn into a complicated one due to a stuck lug nut, and you might end up having an exasperating experience.

There are numerous tricks and techniques by which you can make a nut loose that seems impossible to get off. In this article, we will tell you some easy techniques in detail by which you can effortlessly do the job and drive back on the road.

Lug nuts are meant for securing the wheel tight to the automobile. These lug nuts need to be undone and ultimately removed every time you have to replace the tires of your car, retrieve the brakes, and for doing several other amendments to your car. Therefore, the knowledge of loosening and fitting lug nuts is a necessary skill for everyone who drives cars.

You never know if the next minute your tire gets flat and you might need to repair it. Luckily, it is not that challenging to learn about this skill. Different tips and tricks can assist you in the removal of even problematic stuck lug nuts.

Tools required to get a stuck lug nut off

You require the following tools to get this job done. If you do not have them already, buy them as they are must-haves of a car. You can purchase them quite easily from any automobile store or any online store.

Steps for getting a stuck lug nut off

These pretty simple steps will help you get rid of a stuck-on lug nut and you can follow them without the help of anyone else.

  1. First of all, park your car on leveled and smooth surface, and double-check that the parking brakes are applied or not. You don’t want to have your brakes on as it could cause serious injuries or even death.
  2. If your tire has a hub cap, remove it first so that you can get access to the lug nuts and loosen them consequently. Take a flat-headed screwdriver and pull out the hub cap with the help of it. If the hub cap itself has plastic screws, detach them with a lug wrench. Avoid exerting extra force on these as they might break out.
  3. Now, apply the targeted amount of penetrating oil to the bottom of the lug to make it penetrate the bolt threads. It will happen due to the capillary action. If the lug nuts are severely rusted, then exert a few blows of the hammer to get rid of some of the rust before you put on the penetrating oil. If you have enough time, leave this oil for up to a day for the best results.
  4. Deeply examine the lug nuts because some of the cars might have lug bolts instead of these nuts. Then, use the correct nut extractor or the bolt extractor from the set accordingly. Make sure to consider the most appropriate size of the lug nut extractor for a better grip. You can also take the help of a hammer while removing the lug bolt.
  5. The nut extractor socket should fit tightly onto the lug nut. If it is not tight enough, use the hammer to tighten it. These nut extractor sockets are pretty easy to use. Once they are settled properly, you can rotate the socket and they will grasp the lug nut even tighter.
  6. Now start untying the lug nuts by loosening them while the car is immobile on the surface. Never lift the car before you try to slacken off the lug nuts. Rather than lifting it, make use of the resistance produced by the contact of the tire with the ground. It will help you in loosening the lug nuts with more ease as they would not whirl being on the ground.
  7. Now, place the lug wrench and rotate it in the counter-clockwise direction. Keep turning them till the nut lug starts loosening and eventually becomes separated. You do not have to use the lug wrench till the end, instead use it just for loosening and do the rest of the job with your hands.
  8. The lug nuts will now get off and you are good to go.
  9. If a lug wrench does not work out for you, you do not have to worry about it. Fasten the drive breaker bar with the lug nut extractor socket. Also, glide the iron pipe over the drive breaker bar if needed. It will help you acquire an extra mechanical benefit. If you are using the correct nut extractor socket, then this force will surely loosen the lug nut.
  10. If you cannot do it with your hands, step onto the drive breaker bar for some extra force. You will certainly get this stuck lug nut off.
  11. Throw this lug nut out as it is not usable now, and substitute it with the new one.

You can also go for the other strategies that include using a torque wrench, a wheel lock remover, a mallet or hammer instead of an iron pipe, etc. It depends on you which method goes apt for you.


Inconsiderate mechanics usually make the lug nuts overly tight with their powerful wrenches. You should always speak up with your mechanic to ensure that he is using the correct torque wrench before they start operating your automobile.

Go for our techniques in case of a stuck lug nut to get it off. Keep in mind that different automobiles have different necessities for lug nuts and their corresponding torques.

Always see the manual of your car for precise requirements of torque. Avoid the contact of lug nuts with dust and water. If they are in a bad condition and do not give the impression of fitting well with your tires, you should get a new set of these lug nuts.

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