10 Best Cars for Students and Youths 2021

Before we dive into the best cars for students, let’s deviate a little. Do students need a car? Do they, really? Many would argue that it’s not a necessity. With carsharing and public transportation available, why get a car? After all, owning a car adds to the high cost of college. Be that as it may, one can’t deny the benefits of having a car. 

Owning a private car reduces the inconvenience of public transport, and commute time. Also, most students have jobs, internships on the side as well as other activities that require constant movement. Owning a car makes it all seamless. But how about the cost associated with owning a car? Now that’s the essence of this article. There are low-priced, quality cars best-suited for students. We have compiled the top 10 to consider.


Hyundai Elantra GT

hyundai elantra gt

Photo: HyundaiUSA

The Hyundai Elantra GT is “designed with everything and up for anything” – this includes being a reliable vehicle for student commute. The GT packs many standard features at an affordable price and its hatchback configuration is perfect for students. It has a top safety rating by the IIHS, meaning safety is assured. Other features students would love includes an 8-inch colour touchscreen audio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and the amazing design. The 2020 Hyundai Elantra GT is available for under CA $30,000 (new) and CA $26,000 (used). Previous models can be got for as low as CA $12,000 to CA $17,000.


Honda Civic


Photo: Honda

This is unarguably one of the best cars for students… anywhere in the world. Honda Civic has earned its place as an all-round, reliable and affordable car. For students, it’s an easy choice. Its fuel economy rating is superb; this means fewer visits to gas stations and reduced running costs. Honda Civic places a premium on safety, hence the integration of several advanced driver assistance systems. It’s available under CA $29,000. Older models (new or used) cost is even less.


Ford Fiesta


Photo: Ford

For a very affordable sum of CA $20,000, any student could be a proud owner of the 2019 Ford Fiesta. It’s available in 10 beautiful colours. (You rarely find cars with so many options). With this range of colours, the Fiesta easily appeals to different people. The Fiesta has two body configurations – sedan and hatch – the latter can handle larger cargo. Students would appreciate the impressive features of the SYNC 3, which includes voice technology, a capacitive touchscreen, Apple and Android integration, and more. 


Honda Fit

honda fit

Photo: Honda

For a small car, the interior space of the Honda Fit is incredible. It easily makes our list of best cars for students because it has an extensive range of infotainment and safety systems, great cargo capacity, does not guzzle fuel and is affordable at CA $22,000. Its modern, sporty styling and aerodynamic efficiency are perks young people would like. It is indeed “a small car with a big attitude.” You will also find Honda’s Magic Seats in this car – a feature that allows drivers to fold the seats however they want. This is particularly useful for creating additional cargo space.


Toyota Corolla


Photo: Toyota

Toyota is a massively impressive all-round car. If not for anything, it is one of those few cars you can count on to stand the test of time. And even if anything goes wrong (and it will) repairs and replacement parts are not as expensive as most other cars. The parts are also readily available. Corolla has a long list of safety features (which are very useful for young or first-time drivers). The Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 includes pedestrian detection, lane tracing assist, road sign assist.  Android users may find the absence of Android integration a deal-breaker, but there’s Apple CarPlay for iPhone users. The starting price for the 2020 Corolla is CA $28,000. 


Kia Soul


Photo: Kia

For students who like to make an entrance, there is a Soul for them. Kia Soul is an absolute beauty to admire. No doubt, this car has the looks and features going for it. it has an outstanding 16 colour options – all flashy and unique. And it’s not just the exterior, the interior is an absolute stunner. There’s a mood lighting feature, heated front seats and steering wheels, and a 10-way adjustable driver’s seat. Students would also fancy the Kia Access app that gives you remote access to the car. All of these and more at a starting price of CA $24,800. 


Mazda 3

mazda 3

Photo: MazdaUSA

The stylish, attractive feel of the Mazda 3 almost passes it off as a luxury car. Students who own this car are likely to get an elevated status because of this, and people would probably think it’s high cost. The 2020 Mazda 3 has a starting price of CA $30,000 but a used one is not as expensive. Auto Trader has good deals for this model year as well as previous models.


Honda CR-V

honda crv

Photo: Honda

The Honda CR-V is noticeably a family vehicle but it is also ideal for students. It’s got ample interior space that is useful to carry lots of cargo or friends. There are 5 trims and each has an automatic transmission. As for safety, the CR-V has an impressive range of safety apparatus which includes lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and a road departure mitigation system. It can determine when the driver crosses over a lane without signalling and provides assistance back to the lane, or braking to keep from skidding off the road.


Kia Rio


Photo: Kia

The 2020 Kia Rio is a front-wheel-drive subcompact car that comes in sedan and hatchback body styles. The 2020 Kia Rio comes with an upgrade to its transmission with a CVT automatic compared to the 2019 model’s traditional automatic transmission. It is a fuel-efficient vehicle that doesn’t come at the expense of performance. There’s only one trim level and it has a long list of standard features. 


Subaru Impreza


Photo: Subaru

The 2020 Impreza has all-wheel drive as a standard feature on all trims. Some other cars have this on select models. It has a combination of EyeSight Driver Assist Technology and Subaru Starlink Safety and Security – both of which are responsible for the Top Safety Pick award by the IIHS. Starting at CA $18,696, the Subaru Impreza is no doubt one of the best cars for students.


As implied at the beginning, these cars are affordable, reliable and safe. If you’re a student in need of a car or a parent looking to get one for your ward, any of these cars would make a great fit.


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