10 Best Cars for Winter Driving 2021

We are past winter now but it’s a universal fact that it will be back. When it returns, you best be prepared for the inconvenience it brings to driving. How? Get a car that is best suited for winter driving. No, a regular car won’t be much help and let’s face it, winter tires can only do as much; you also need a car that doesn’t fear the road in the cold. 

Such a car has improved grip and traction with all-wheel drive, good ground clearance, impressive safety features, and a spacious, cosy cabin. You will find that car on this comprehensive list we have streamlined for the best cars for winter. 

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Subaru Outback

subaru outback

Photo: Subaru

Winter driving requires a bit of sturdiness and grip on the road and the Subaru delivers excellently. This wagon comes fitted with AWD that gives it an edge on snow and boosts the confidence of the driver. It also has a ground clearance of 8.7 inches which makes it incredibly difficult to get stuck in slush or snow. With these two features well represented, the Outback is almost unstoppable out there in the cold. “Almost” because you have a role to play too as the driver. The Subaru Outback is safe too. With lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and other optional tech features, there’s little to worry about.


Land Rover Discovery Sport

Rover sport

Photo: LandRoverUSA

Looks can be deceiving and that could be the case with this Land Rover. Don’t let its looks make you think it doesn’t have what it takes to handle snow. It’s certainly not a sissy on snowy roads. It manoeuvers confidently through snow, thanks to its very impressive grip and precise steering. In addition to this, there’s a feature that gives it a bit of an edge, it’s called Terrain Response 2. This feature allows the Rover to adapt to a variety of surfaces – mud, sand, asphalt, you name it. It is configured to optimize traction on any of these road surfaces. Needless to say, there’s ample cargo space to carry winter gear.


Volvo V90 Cross Country


Photo: VolvoUSA

We can’t possibly write about the best cars for winter and not include the Volvo V90 Cross Country. That would be an unforgivable oversight. But hey, guess we skipped a bullet then. Volvo is reputed for safety features and the V90 doesn’t fail to uphold this legacy. Did you know the car automatically brakes when rear cross-traffic is detected? It does. In winter situations where the brake is your best friend, this extra support should help. What’s more? An 8.3 inches ground clearance is good enough to keep you from getting stuck out there in the cold. Plus there’s a roomy cabin/cargo.


Ford Fusion

Photo: Ford

Now here’s an option that’s neither crossover nor an SUV, but it is still ideal for winter driving. Ford Fusion’s Co-Pilot 360 delivers just what is needed for safe driving in any situation, winter included. There are many distractions drivers face while trying to manoeuver snowy roads and features like the blind spot information system, lane-keep alert and lane-keep assist, come in handy. There’s the option for an all-wheel-drive which is highly recommended for winter driving.


Subaru Crosstrek

subaru crosstrek

Photo: Subaru

Next up is another Subaru car, the Crosstrek! Like most Subarus, this comes with an AWD as a standard feature, and its ground clearance is impressive at 8.7 inches. As a Crosstrek owner, you also get access to Subaru’s EyeSight safety suite, which is available on almost every model. The car’s engine is not powerful, however, but it’s not like you’d be speeding through winter anyway.


Toyota RAV4

toyota rav4

Photo: Toyota

This sturdy-looking car is perfect for off-road situations as well as winter driving. It doesn’t have all-wheel drive as a standard feature so you’d have to pay to get this package. The Adventure and Limited trim levels do have AWD though. Safety is assured with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 – and the Top Safety Pick+ rating by the IIHS shows just how safe it is. RAV4 is available in 10 distinctive models including gasoline and hybrid configurations.


Honda CR-V


Photo: Honda

Honda CR-V is without a doubt a worthy inclusion for the best cars for winter. If you’ve got this machine in your driveway then you need not fret over the coming winter. Apart from being a beast on the road and thriving in cold, it also offers a smooth, comfortable ride. One notable feature for winter is its climate control system. It is responsible for balancing temperature, so if it’s really cold outside you get to stay warm inside.


Jeep Wrangler


Photo: Jeep

The Jeep Wrangler has the strength to handle difficult road terrains with relative ease. If you live in areas that experience extreme winter conditions, Wrangler may be just what you need. Its 9.7 inches ground clearance and four-wheel drive give you an edge when it comes to trudging through the elements. One downside is that there are less advanced safety features as standard equipment on the 2019 model but this has been upgraded in the 2020 edition.


Acura RDX


Photo: Acura

Driving on winter roads is not as easy as getting from point A to point B, that’s probably why you need Acura RDX. Its standard turbocharged engine plus a super handling WD (SH-AWD) can guarantee “superior control and an enjoyable ride.” These are perks one wouldn’t normally expect when driving in winter. There’s also an integrated dynamics system which has a snow mode. This gives the RDX an edge when driving through snow.


Jeep Renegade


Last but not least is Jeep Renegade – a worthy inclusion in our best cars for winter. As you make your way through the misty, chilly, snowy weather, the Renegade provides a warm and safe driving experience. This Jeep instantly recognizes risks that may lead to an impact and actively brings the car to a stop. In other words, the Renegade acts on your behalf for your safety. Its blind spot monitoring system also recognizes blind spots and sends alerts to you. Overall, it’s a great car for all-year driving, on- and off-road.

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