10 Best Luxury Car Brands in the World 2021

The best luxury car brands make the most luxurious cars in the world. Even if you’ve never been inside a luxury car before, you’d recognize one when you see it. Luxury cars are extremely stylish and appealing. They are fitted with many high-end materials that make them stand out from other cars. But, luxury automakers take considerable amounts of time to build these machines, which mostly have limited stock.

While there are quite a handful of luxury car brands springing up in recent times, some of them have built their reputation over time and cemented top spots. These include BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, among others. In exploring the best luxury car brands, we have considered consistency in making high-end cars that offer – outstanding comfort, excellent performance, high levels of refinement, eye-catching styling, expensive and innovative features, and driving pleasure.

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What are the Top 10 Luxury Car Brands in the World?

In no particular order, here are the best luxury car brands in the world



The Bentley car brand is a very popular one. They make luxurious cars that don’t go unnoticed; so much that Hip Hop heavyweights mention the brand in their songs. Bentley is a British car brand and was founded in 1919. It became a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group in 1998. Among the top-grossing and popular cars in the Bentley lineup are the Mulsanne, Continental GT, and the Bentayga. Bentley continues to feature as a luxury brand worth owning affluent individuals. They have their headquarters in Crewe, England.



BMW is one of Germany’s foremost automobile company. They are known for consistently making top-notch rides. They also have one of the biggest lineups in the luxury car space. BMW has cars in varying shapes and sizes. Talk about sedans, small and big SUVs, race cars, and even electric vehicles. BMW offers posh styling, intuitive tech features, outstanding comfort, and more. BMW’s annual revenue is about 115.2 billion dollars.

Company headquarters: Munich, Germany.



Porsche legitimately features on this list of best luxury car brands in the world. This German automobile manufacturer has had a very long and successful stint in the auto industry. They’ve enjoyed this success since starting out as far back as 1931. Since the 30s, Porsche has churned out popular luxury cars. Most of their cars have been featured in movies, music videos, and are owned by top officials. Some of the brand’s top cars include Macan, Taycan, Panamera, and 718 Cayman. Porsche’ headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany.



Are you looking for performance and sporty luxury car? Jaguar has a reputation for making cars that fit this description. Jaguar cars are also fun to drive and also come fitted with innovative and upscale features that are befitting for a luxury brand. Some of the most popular Jaguar cars worth owning include the F-Type, XF, XE. Jaguar is a British car manufacturer headquartered in Coventry, England, and have been in operation since 1935. 



This is, without a doubt, not just one of the best luxury car brands in the world but the best. And there are different metrics to show for this. This German company has bigger annual revenue, makes very popular cars, and hasn’t dropped the ball on quality since beginning operations in 1926. Among the current top-performing cars in its lineup are Mercedes S Class, Mercedes V Class, and. Mercedes-Benz headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany.



Many car review platforms feature Audi cars high on relevant rankings and the reasons are not far-fetched. Audi cars are very appealing for car buyers/lovers at all levels. You could say luxury is at its peak with every Audi model (14 in all). Audi has German roots and is a member of Volkswagen Group. Their vehicles are produced in 9 facilities worldwide.



Tesla is the main plug for luxury plug-in vehicles and has retained this prominent position for almost 2 decades. The tech and auto company started in 2003. The electric market is Tesla’s domain and it tops the charts with luxury cars such as the Model X, Model S, and Model Y, and Model 3. Tesla company is based in the US. Its headquarter is in Palo Alto, California. And the company averages 24.5 billion dollars every year.



Ferrari is one of the best luxury car brands to consistently produce some of the best cars the world has ever seen. Since 1940, when the Italian heavyweight built its first car, they have made a mark with their special breed of supercars. Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939 and is based in Maranello. Some of its top models are Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F40, and Ferrari Dino 246 GTS. 



This is another heavyweight when it comes to the production of luxury cars. Lamborghini specializes in making luxury supercars. As a result, they have a teeming client-base worldwide. Volkswagen Group owns Lamborghini. Apart from making some of the best luxury cars in the world, Lamborghini also manufacture motorcycles, marine engines, and other types of machines. They’re located at Sant’Agata, Bolognese, Italy. 


Aston Martin

Last on our list of the best luxury car brands, but certainly not the least, is Aston Martin. To borrow the company’s tagline, Aston Martin makes “iconic luxury British sportscars”. They’ve had a rich history since hitting the luxury car scene in 1913. Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford founded the company.  Among its top model cars are the Vantage (the cheapest Aston Martin car), DBS GT Zagato, and the Vantage AMR. The headquarter for Aston Martin is in Gaydon, England.


Final Word

This is AutoinfoHq’s collection of the best luxury car brands in the world. Each one of these brands has proven time and again that they deserve to be at the top of any luxury car ranking. Their reputation for making great luxury cars reflects in their soaring customer-base and collective market share. It’s massive! 

If you’re a top-level executive, successful businessman, or in a high position in any field, owning and driving any one of these luxury car brands is befitting. You wouldn’t be playing to the gallery, you’d simply be matching your status adroitly. 


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