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10 Best Places to Buy Auto Parts in Canada

If you own a vehicle you would eventually have to buy an auto part sooner or later. It is, therefore, advisable to get a good place to buy auto parts in Canada. A good auto dealer is reputed for selling good quality replacement parts, offering quality service, having parts readily available, and selling at reasonable prices. We have put together this list of 10 reputed dealers you can buy from in Canada.


Automotive Warehouse

For over 25 years, Automotive Warehouse has built a reputation of selling quality replacement parts at reasonable prices. They have one of the largest auto warehouses in southern Ontario which houses a wide variety of car components. You are less likely to not find the part you need at this store. 

Automotive Warehouse has an impressive 4.3 rating on Google reviews. One of the reviews reads “they usually have all the parts I need for upgrades. Prices are good.” If you’re in or around Niagara, Ontario, Automotive Warehouse is a great place to get a replacement part.


Best Buy Auto Parts

“If we haven’t got it or can’t get it… it can’t be got” – a catchy tagline by the Saskatchewan-based auto part company. From check-ins and reviews, it’s obvious it isn’t just talking. Best Buy lives up to expectations, delivering high-quality parts at affordable pricing. 

With 28 years to their name, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with people who have both the technical know-how and experience to their credit. Here’s the interesting part, Best Buy offers a 120-day warranty on everything they have on sale. Amazing right? 

Nothing else screams ‘quality’ and ‘reliability’ than this. Best Buy is undoubtedly a great place to buy auto spare parts.



For the last couple of years, Carquest has been on a quest to deliver unparalleled customer service, innovation, and industry leadership.” This they have continued to do at over 2,800 locations in North America. Carquest has very good ratings and reviews from customers and that points to one thing, they’re an ideal auto parts dealer. 

No matter where you are in North America. whenever you need a good place to buy auto parts, you should find one close to you. Visit their website to find a Carquest location that’s within your reach. 


Auto Value Parts

This Alberta-based auto part company claims to be Alberta’s “leading automotive parts retailer” and frankly, the medal could easily be given to them. Auto Value has been in operation since 1975, consistently providing value to their myriads of customers. 

They place a premium on quality auto parts and customer service – two vital aspects of the business that makes it an ideal place to buy auto parts in Canada. AV has over 100,000 parts available, 360 product lines, and over 400,000 parts available for special order. No wonder their mantra is, “the parts you need when you need them.”


Parts Avatar

With over 100,000 orders served and several positive reviews on Reseller Ratings and other review platforms, Parts Avatar has earned its place as a reliable place to buy auto parts in Canada. Parts Avatar is based online and they deal in a “wide selection of auto parts, body parts, performance accessories and repair tools.”

According to Parts Avatar, their workforce comprises people with decades of tech experience who have a common love for automobiles and passion to make the world even better. This, plus principles of their Family Values book informs their top-notch service and quality replacement parts. 


Bargain Auto Parts

Formerly known as Big Bargain Auto Parts, this Nova Scotia-based replacement parts dealer provides customers with “quality service and unbeatable prices.” You probably didn’t need to read that because their name already makes it obvious. 

You get a good bargain at this store for any auto part you buy. The downside is they don’t have any branches outside of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. But if you stay close, try to benefit from this auto parts store with low prices and a huge selection. 


Marshland Auto Parts and Marine

Operating out of Moncton in New Brunswick, Marshland Auto prides itself in selling genuine replacement parts at reasonable prices. They have successfully built a positive reputation that precedes them, having delivered top-notch service since starting in 1983. 

Marshland Auto also has a marine extension that caters to customers who need marine products. So if you need auto parts and marine products, visit Marshland – they’ve got all you need from both sides.


A & A Discount Auto Parts

Everybody loves discounts. Adding “discount” to a company name is a genius idea. But the real task is in living up to expectation, and A & A doesn’t disappoint. Not only would you get great bargains here but you can rest assured you’re buying from trusted dealers. 

In 2018, A & A was voted the best auto part store in Hamilton – a feat that underscores their legitimacy and service. They sell a variety of auto parts, accessories, tires and trims – OEM and aftermarket. A & A certainly qualifies as a good place to buy auto parts in Canada.



Lordco is a go-to auto parts store for all things vehicle replacement parts related. They have 100 stores across British Columbia and that success is backed by years of commendable service. According to the outfit, they deliver “fast, reliable, helpful, and knowledgable advice.” So you’re not just given what you ask for, you also get great advice on what would work best for your vehicle. 

And it doesn’t matter what vehicle body part you need, they have it all, or so they claim. Lordco hasn’t relented in quality service since Roy Lord and Ed Coates founded it in 1974.


Automotive Parts Distributors

35 years strong, the APD stays committed to providing “the right part…fast.” APD, however, sells directly to wholesale clients. So if you’re looking to buy in wholesale, Automotive Parts Distributors is a good place to buy your auto parts.


It is best practice to buy car replacement parts from genuine and reputable auto dealers. You run the risk of getting second-rate items if you choose otherwise. These auto dealers are ideal choices worth buying from.


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