10 Best SUVs to Buy in Canada 2021

If you are looking to buy a new car, chances are you are interested in SUVs and would like to know some of the best SUVs in Canada. We’ve got you. Here is a compilation of sports utility vehicles that are way above average score when it comes to popularity, selling stats, performance, and other useful car features.

  • Toyota Rav4

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The Toyota RAV4 sits shoulder high above every other SUV in Canada with an astronomical sales margin, and this has been on for years. In fact, 2019 was a special one as this popular SUV outsold all passenger cars. This points to the fact that the RAV4 is a favourite across Canada. It has a smart key system that allows users to start the engine from a distance, (un) lock the car when approaching/exiting; it also has a roomy interior, comfortable seats, an automatic power liftgate, and overall performance is super. Fuel efficiency is also one of its biggest strengths.

  • Hyundai Kona

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The Hyundai Kona is a favourite for car lovers across Canada and it has several awards to show for it. Notable is its choice as the 2019 Best Small Utility Vehicle of the Year, an award by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada. The price of the Kona subcompact SUV is lower than that of other competing SUVs but is packed with exciting features. Its sporty look and overall feel are part of the reasons Canadians find the car appealing, which earns it a place as one of the best selling SUVs in the market. 

  • Nissan Rogue

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Did you know that Nissan makes more money from sales of the Nissan Rogue in Canada than any of their other models? The Rogue compact SUV crossover is without a doubt a more sporty looking and highly efficient model in the Nissan family. Crossover vehicles generally have better interior comfort, superb fuel economy, as well as the assurance of a comfortable ride (Intelligent Cruise Control) – and Nissan Rogue, checks these boxes. The cargo area features a wet and dry divider – which is useful for storing wet or dry materials without incident. What’s more, you can customize the seating arrangement as it suits your specific needs.

  • Ford Escape

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The Ford Escape is one of Ford’s best-selling SUVs across the globe, not to mention Canada. There are many reasons why this car commands attention and patronage: Its cargo capacity is much bigger than other Ford SUV models (most other SUV brands too), it is packed with convincing special features, and with a higher clearance it scores even more points for Canadians who drive in areas where snowfall is heavy. Do you have difficulty when parking? You can escape this with Ford Escape’s Enhanced Active Park Assist. This feature helps steer the vehicle into a parallel parking space stress-free.

  • Mazda CX-5

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Since its launch in 2012, the Mazda CX-5 has continuously improved in performance, reliability, and this has earned the SUV a top spot in the Canadian automobile industry. Although Mazda had significant mishaps in the market in 2019, which includes the failure of the Mazda 3, the CX-5 didn’t lose momentum. It features a turbocharged engine, G-Vectoring Control and all-wheel drive – all of which enhances a smooth and comfortable driving experience. 

  • Jeep Wrangler

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Whether you need an SUV for family use or just for yourself, Jeep Wrangler is a great choice. It has two-door and four-door models for this purpose. And if you’re the type of driver that enjoys driving off-road, this SUV was designed with you in mind. You will find a variety of packages built for off-road adventure. The convertible feature extends to its doors, so you can go roofless or doorless for certain outings – and that’s not obtainable from most other competing SUVs. Its price is on the high side but it’s justified by its performance; little wonder it had a sales record last year in Canada. 

  • Honda CR-V

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Statistics has it that the Honda CR-V has had over 200% increase in sales over the last decade. A feat not many SUV brands can boast of. It comes close to the very impressive Toyota RAV4, and they are alike in some ways. For one, it also features the continuous variable transmission – which ensures the vehicle’s automatic transmission can effectively and seamlessly change through a set of gear ratios. The powered seat and heated steering wheel are extra packages that make the CR-V even more desirable. As sales continue to increase in Canada, this amazing SUV has had a fair share of recognition having won Edmund’s Editors Choice for 2019.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee 

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This midsize SUV ranks high among top auto review companies and has made a name for itself in the Canadian market too. Its interior space may not cut it for you if you’re looking to get an SUV that has a roomy interior. But the Cherokee does make up for this with a robust infotainment system and off-road performance that gives it an edge. What’s More? This SUV has multiple trim levels and one of these should suit your budget if you choose to opt for this car. 

  • Ford Edge

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Talk about fuel economy and cabin space and the conversation should include this two-row SUV. Its spacious cargo room and passenger space are almost unbelievable considering it’s just a midsize SUV. Its in-car Infotainment is something many people would find appealing as it has standard features, but not so much can be said about the graphics compared to the SUVs in its class. Overall, it’s one of the top SUVs in the Canadian market worth considering.

  •  Hyundai Tucson

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Hyundai Tucson has had a steady growth in the Canadian market in the last few years and with the 2019 redesign, this SUV is even more of a competition. It may not have off-road abilities like other utility vehicles but it does have cool features and is well-rated for performance across the board.

There you go! These SUVs are worth buying and you should find one or two that suits your preference. Our top pick and recommendation of the list, however, is the Toyota RAV4.


*Image source: Wikipedia Flickr

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