10 Best Heavy-Duty Bicycle U-Lock 2021

You have probably seen some scenarios in movies where somebody picks up an unsecured bicycle or vehicle and zooms off. Leaving the owner with their hands on their head, shouting curse words. We’ll have you know that this doesn’t only happen in the movies. It happens every single day. And it shouldn’t happen to you first before you make conscious efforts to secure your bicycle.

To effectively keep thieves away and your bicycle intact, you need a bicycle lock. Not just any lock, you need a heavy-duty U-lock. Why this particular type of lock? A U-lock can resist the force of hammers and chisels. That’s not to say the risk of losing your bike is eliminated but it is substantially reduced. 

In this post, we share some of the best heavy-duty U-locks to help you safeguard your bicycle and keep you from cursing a successful thief.

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Amazer Heavy-Duty Combination Bike U-lock

Top on our list of bicycle U-locks to buy is the Amazer heavy-duty combination bike U-lock. This U-lock is a great choice, particularly for its 12mm hardened performance steel. This makes it capable of resisting cutting or any kind of sabotage. It also has a 3.85mm PVC coating.

What’s more? It features a keyless and easy-to-set combination. So, you don’t need to worry about lost keys. And there are thousands of possible combinations and it makes guessing less effective for attempting thieves.

Via Velo Bike U-lock

This U-lock is one tough nut to crack, thanks to its 15mm thick frame. And it’s quite easy to lock your bike and unlock it when you get back. The lock comes with 3 keys for convenience. So, even if you lose one you aren’t locked out of your bicycle.

One of the keys has an LED light and another has a replacement code card. The latter is used to equip a new key when you lose them. With the LED light on the key, you should find it easy to unlock your bicycle at night.

Ubullox Bicycle U-lock

This bicycle U-lock takes toughness and cutting-resistance to a whole new level. It is made of 16mm high-quality alloy steel. Apart from being resistant to cutting, it is also leveraging-resistant and dill-resistant. Ubullox also has a silicone cover that helps keep dust and dirt away.

Even more, its lock cylinder is made with a pure copper blade which significantly reduces the risk of technical opening. Installation is a breeze here. You can also use the instruction manual to ensure you get it right.

Kryptonite New York Standard Bicycle U-lock

With a 71% 5-star rating on Amazon, this U-lock is unarguably one of the best choices for a reliable bicycle U-lock. Kryptonite is an extremely sturdy piece of equipment. It is a 16mm hardened max performance steel that is resistant to leverage attacks, hand tools, and bolt cutters.

Kryptonite also has an anti-theft protection offer you would find inviting. The brand gives a 5,400 CAD reimbursement for 1 year in case of any mishaps. And if you lose your keys, you get the first 2 replacements free of cost.

Sigtuna Bicycle U-lock

Need something more than a 16mm high-performance steel u-lock (which is awesome by the way), Sigtuna features a disc-style cylinder and a double deadbolt locking mechanism. This combined reinforcement gives the U-lock an edge against leverage attacks.

For installation, this lock comes with a bike lock mount which makes it easy to install. There’s also a protective coating to protect against scratches. What’s more? Sigtuna offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Manual Transport Bike U-lock

This heavy-duty bicycle U-lock is draped in a 5/8″ hardened steel – hard enough to keep the most daring thieves away. It also has a reinforced locking mechanism. 

The Manual Transport bike U-lock includes a 4″ flex cable, useful for preventing anyone from making away with your front wheel. It’s easy to install the whole thing, thanks to the laser-cut alloy keys.

In case you’re not feeling this lock, you can always make a return and ask for a 100% refund.

Kryptonite New York LS Bicycle U-lock

Very similar to the other Kryptonite U-lock on this list, this one too offers up to $4,000 reimbursement in the anti-theft program. Also, you get 2 your first 2 replacement keys for free.

Any intruder trying to make away with your bicycle would have to battle with the resistant 16mm kryptonite hardened steel. It’s a very effective defence in such situations. 

There is also a lifetime warranty for this bicycle U-lock.

Dinoka Bike U-lock

This heavy-duty U-lock is ideal for a variety of bikes. Whether you own a mountain bike, an electric bike or a folding bike, you can expect top-notch protection from Dinoka.

In addition to the lock, you get a steel loop cable for increased protection for the front wheel. This bike lock is waterproof, scratch-proof and comes with 2 pure copper keys. 

Crystal Vision Bicycle U-lock

This U-lock isn’t just special for being sturdy enough to keep thieves disappointed, it also has a built-in alarm system. The alarm goes off when there is a vibration, breakage, cable clipping, an attempt to disassemble. 

The lock is secured with a 14mm Quattro-locking system and is reinforced with hardened steel. Even more, it is weatherproof. Whether it’s extremely hot or cold, this U-lock would continue to secure your bike.

LJ LihJaw Bike U-lock

This is a 14mm hardened alloy steel covered with 2mm PVC coating. It is ct resistant, prevents sawing and leverage attacks. LihJaw bike U-lock is also weatherproof.

The lock hole is protected by a guard-cap that is responsible for preventing rust and dust entry. As a result, it prolongs the disc-style cylinder life. 

Wrapping up

As we said earlier, you shouldn’t have to wait until your bike is stolen before being security conscious. These heavy-duty bicycle U-locks are very effective and would significantly reduce the risks. So, get one for yourself. When you have one, ensure that you lower the grip that is available to thieves. This way, it is even more difficult for them to cart away with your bike.

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