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5 Places with the Highest Auto Insurance Quotes in Ontario

Auto insurance quotes in Ontario, and many other cities, are largely dependent on a myriad of factors. Driving records, the make and model of your vehicle, and how likely it is to get stolen, are all contributing factors to the cost of auto insurance coverage. Your location, however, plays a predominant role in the cost of your car insurance premiums per year. Auto insurance firms calculate your premiums based on the population of the location, and crime rates amidst a few. For this expose, we will take a look at the places with the highest auto insurance quotes in Ontario.


Let’s start with Brampton, a city with an exponential rise in the crime rate, and a perchance for car thefts. No doubt, the insurance quotes in Brampton seem higher than in other parts of Ontario. From the grid-locked multi-lane roads to the many intersection routes in the province, the city seems to be operating at the peak of auto insurance policies. High auto insurance quotes in Brampton are also due to the high rate of car insurance claims. Auto insurance companies such as Gordy Pandher and Allstate Insurance, charge an average premium of 2,200CAD as opposed to a provincial average of 1,400CAD per annum.


Now, let’s talk about Vaughan, a city dripping in rich history and cultural life. Besides the beauty and cultural experience of living in this city, it is also known for commanding one of the highest insurance quotes. Vaughan has one of the highest auto insurance quotes with an average auto premium of 1,825CAD. No doubt, the high quote is due to its ever-rising population growth of 80.2percent and teeming rise in auto claims and incidents.


Mississauga, a city renowned for its hiking trails, golf course, and beaches are also popular for high auto insurance quotes. Thanks to an increase in the influx of migrants, the city is experiencing a massive increase in auto insurance claims and issues. No doubt, this is enough reason for many insurance firms to hike their policy rates. With an average auto insurance quote of 2,086CAD per year, a little below Vaughan, the city ranks as one of the most expensive on this list.


Markham is the fourth largest city in Ontario, Canada. With an estimated population of over 300,000, Markham, just like every other city on this list, is not exempted from high auto insurance rates. Thanks to a corresponding increase in car theft and auto accident claims, insurance quotes can be as high as 1, 943CAD yearly.


Our list of places with the highest auto insurance quotes is incomplete without Canada’s most popular city, Toronto. Toronto is known as the site of rich historical sites, culture, and of course, a high rate of auto premiums. Just a little behind Markham with a quote of 1,948CAD per year, Toronto auto insurance companies command high rates.

Wrapping Up…

With the list of places with the highest auto insurance quotes in Ontario, users can make better choices when selecting auto insurance policies and companies.

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