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5 Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Alberta

Auto insurance quotes take different tolls on several persons especially when they very high. Some provinces offer affordable insurances, others, a little above the border.  Whichever the case, have it in mind that there are insurers perfectly mapped out for every driver in Alberta. Let’s a look at the top 5 places in Alberta where auto insurance quotes are affordable.


Lacombe is a city known for its many attractions and annual events. Home to many Hollywood movies filled with world-old magic, the city boasts of an affordable auto insurance quote compared to other regions. It offers great services to its many drivers with incorporated values and broad coverage. With auto insurers like Wawanesa, SG Canada, and Travelers Dominion, drivers are more than protected.  The city is well known for its affordable premium quotes which range from 1137CAD, 1122CAD, and 1148CAD respectively on a yearly basis.


Devon, another province in Alberta, offers affordable auto insurance quotes. To get the best suited for your lifestyle, you need to know the best brokers in town. Many insurers in Devon provide their clients with coverage, value, and exceptional customer service plan with a yearly premium of 781CAD. With popular auto insurers like “intact insurance companies” you wouldn’t only be protecting yourself in the case of emergencies; you’d sure be saving a reasonable amount for other purposes.


There are many unavoidable occurrences that come with driving; a reason many insurers suggest a protection plan for drivers. So, if you are looking for quality auto insurance quotes in Alberta, Vegreville has the best if not the most affordable premium quote. They have brokers with outstanding and broad coverage value to make you enjoy worry-free motoring and reliable insurance coverage.  What more? Vegreville works on an 833CAD auto insurance quote on a yearly.


Let’s talk a little about this part of the town. Endowed with a wildlife corridor and a modest population to go with, Canmore is that environmentally friendly city everyone wishes to be in. Customized with its auto policy coverage, your budget and needs would surely be satisfied to the maximum. Canmore boasts of a yearly premium of 934CAD and Riverstone auto insurance company in this part of the province, gets you the needed repairs in the case of distressing events. What more can you ask for?


To choose the right auto insurance in Banff, you need to put your trust in certain insurance companies. These insurers are professionals and good with what they do. Some popular insurance companies like Intact fall within the circle of these professional insurers. They provide a combination of coverage, value, and superior customer service and are known to be among the largest provider of car insurance working with a network of brokerage offices across the country. Banff insurers offer an auto premium rate of 937CAD.

Wrapping it all up

In Alberta, you can save a maximum of 25% on your car insurance with certain insurance companies. You only need to find a reputable company that puts your needs ahead of every other thing and not just boast on paperwork. Enjoy your ride in these great cities!

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