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5 Popular Places to Buy Used Cars in Canada 2021

It goes without saying that buying an inexpensive used car is a smart move to make hence the reason many people choose to buy used cars in Canada. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that there is a huge market for used cars. While this is the case, there is a tendency for people to buy cars that aren’t up to scratch. Considering that most many or individual sold used vehicles have no return policy, you’re stuck with whatever you buy!

To avoid such occurrences, it’s best to buy from popular, trusted sources. These popular resources offer notable benefits ranging from competitive prices to quality cars, and great service. Some popular places to buy a used car in Canada include:

1. Kijiji Classifieds

Kijiji is a very popular place to buy a used car in Canada. It is Canada’s largest classifieds site. From the comfort of your home, you can find the exact car you need using advanced filters. Kijiji is also a community-based platform that allows you to buy from people around you. You don’t have to travel a distance to meet the buyer, check the car, and seal the deal.

2. Car Canada Dealership

As much as sites like Kijiji make it easier to buy used cars by searching online, visiting a dealership might prove better. When you go directly to a dealer you have the opportunity to see and examine a wide range of used cars for sale.

There are several popular dealerships that offers this and more. They have on-site attendants that will help you get a car that suits your preference. These dealers feature an extensive list of used cars for sale from various brands. What’s more? They also have a service department in case your ‘new-used’ car needs some repairs.

3. Copart Auctions

Auctions are another great way to buy used cars and Copart is a popular destination to consider. With 8 locations in Canada and over 170 in the U.S, this car auction company is certainly a go-to car place. More so, they have successfully built a reputation for selling quality vehicles since starting out in 2003. 

Cars sold at auctions are relatively cheaper. If you’re on a tight budget you might want to consider auctions when buying a used car in Canada.

4. Canadian Auto Mall

In 2004, Canadian Auto Mall started operations with only 5 cars but today there are over 300 in their inventory. Cars have to go through strict inspections before they are put up for sale. Canadian Auto Mall’s emphasis on quality is one of the reasons they have grown to become a popular destination for buying used cars in Canada.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a business-centred platform. It is also a very popular place to buy used cars in Canada. You can access a variety of used cars up for sale on Facebook by clicking on the marketplace tab on your dashboard.

If you are looking to get a used or cheap car in Canada, these popular places might just have what you need. Be sure to do your homework by learning about the car and deciding which of these alternatives would work best for you. You should also consider engaging the services of an auto expert to help you test the car before you buy.

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