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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Honda Civic in Canada

Are you thinking of getting a Honda Civic in Canada? With the new 2020 civic series and the earlier generation lines, it can be somewhat tricky selecting a befitting spec. If you choose to go to the dealership stores, you may be pressured by the salespeople to go with one of the models, only to wish for something better afterwards.

It is, therefore, important to be well-informed about the particular model and spec that suits your budget and lifestyle.

That said, here’s a quick — but comprehensive guide — to help you navigate through some basics to look out for when buying a Honda Civic car in Canada

Used or New Honda Civic?

Before you settle for a used or new car, here are some vital notes to take — with a special focus on the 10th generation series. The 2016 to 2020 Honda Civic productions all fall under the 10th generation.

The 2016 model launch was followed by the 2017 upgrade, which introduced the hatchback, high-performing Civic Si and its Type R trims. The 2019 model came with some additional features, and an updated interior outlook for the coupe and sedan versions and, as well, ushered a Sport trim into the Civic family.

The latest Honda Civic 2020 hatchback came with some impressive exterior upgrades. Except that the update on the 2020 Civic hatchback looks appealing to you, the 2019 version should serve you real good. The truth is, both versions are closely identical and, of course, the 2019 version is remarkably less expensive.

So, if you wouldn’t mind the 10th generation Honda Civic car – whether new or used – you can confidently opt for either of the models and variants. They all still maintain good competition in the auto space.

However, if your taste tilts towards the most recent designs and features, but would still gladly save up on your purchase, the 2019 civic model should serve you.

Although – as expected – it lacks a handful of functionality and updates enjoyable with the most recent model, it still spots all the basic modern technological updates.

How Reliable is the Honda Civic car?

A car is, no doubt, a huge investment. So, before you spend — perhaps whole-life savings — on a new car, you want to double-check that you’re making a worthwhile investment.

Thankfully, the Honda Civic does not just last, its outstanding performance does not wane, even after many years.

Among many features, the Honda’s engine is one of its strongest points. Recent models spot a 2.0L inline 4-cylinder engine.  i-VTEC, drive-by-wire throttle, and other enhancement features boost its power-flow and amplify the accelerator response.

Averagely, the engine of a Honda Civic can produce as high as 158 horsepower. It runs an EPA-estimated 32 MPG city and 42 MPG highway when combined with the available continuously variable transmission.

Overall — Honda Civic offers a smooth road experience without so much fuel consumption.

Finding a Suitable Model Civic Model

Everyone has a unique taste. The best Honda Civic car for you will be dependent on personal priorities.

Do you seek fuel efficiency or extra power? Manual transmission or an auto? Is power just a basic or everything? Spacious interior or a sporty body? A big space for the family, or just suitable for you and, perhaps, your spouse.

The Honda model comes with a range of versions. It sure has something suitable for everyone who seeks an economy car.

Honda Civic Has Evolved

The first models of the Honda Civic cars were small, angular autos with close identity with the old school station wagons. As the years count, this car, which was once considered a low-ridder, improved on its wheelbase and with exceptional aesthetics to its body.

Honda Civic has truly evolved, and the latest 10th generation series is all the rage lately. These series come with sportier and more distinct designs than Civic had ever seen.

The recent body has close semblance with 50s fastback with a sloping rear and a long nose. The fascia is endowed by a sculpted hood, Sharp LED headlights, and well-positioned venting.

These features combine to offer a faster and more aerodynamic civic as never before.

Safety Features

Here’s one priority of Honda Civic — users’ safety. This they express with their Advanced Compatibility Engineering build. ACE comes with rare and front crumple zones designed to absorb collision forces as well as to redistribute its effect.

Besides, the Civic comes with standard Vehicle Stability Assist with a multiple-angle back view camera and a Traction Control. One aids rear view and easy parking while the later improves maneuverability and wheel grip.

Generally, such features help optimize passengers’ convince and protection. This Honda Sensing safety feature makes a complete wrap.

Honda Sensing spots amazing features like the Forward Collision Warning and Lane Keeping Assistance, which uses cameras and sensors to monitor the road.  It gives driver signals to avert perceived dangers.

When you’re all set out to acquire a Honda Civic, one is usually welcomed with a range of options out there. So, before you begin your search, here’s a guide to making a well-informed decision, as regards the changes made over time to the Civic model.

Honda FAQs

Should I Buy a Tenth-generation Honda Civic?

Civic’s tenth generation began with the 2016 model, down to the latest Honda Civic 2020.

This generation comes with a spacious interior, advanced safety features, and perfect turbocharged engines. So far, this lineup of Civic is unarguably the best.

They come in sedan, coupe, and hatchback variants. While the two-door design is adjudged most stylish, hatchback and sedan improve utility – thanks to their increased carriage space and four-door designs.

Besides, this latest series captures a broad-spectrum of up-to-date infotainment technology, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone apps display on the central touchscreen.

For the best experience, opt for a variant with the Honda Sensing feature for safety features like forward collision mitigation, and blind-spot warning for optimized protection on busy areas.

Not much has changed in this generation range over the years —Except the new hatchback and high-performance Si models that came on board after the 2016 model.

Should I Buy the Ninth Generation Honda Civic?

Available in Sedan or Coupe, these specs have won the hearts of many auto fanatics. With their four-cylinder inline engine, the cars offer apt sporty on-the-road performance.

As with the preceding generation, these cars uphold Civic’s trademark — lightness and speed. The driver-centric cabins and easy-access dash control make for a fascinating experience.

That said, the ninth-generation Civic series had some significant upgrade with the 2013 version, bringing it up to par with competitors. It’s retuned suspension and enhanced cabin are two notable step-ups.

Skipping the 2012 version for later variants may be a nice choice if impressive interior comfort and improved performance are your key sought-after features.

Should I Buy the 8th Generation Honda Civic?

Going for this generation of Honda Civic models will expose you to a wide range of compact cars with fair price tags. They also come in sedan and Coupe body built, five-speed automatic, and five-speed manual transmission options. So, you can stick to whatever suits you best.

The top-performing Civic Si variant debuted with the 2007-year model. In 2008, Civic introduced an optional upholstery and the Mugsen Si limited-edition.

Cost of Honda Civic in Canada

When considering to buy a Honda civic car in Canada, communication is a vital tool. Good communication helps in negotiating a price for your preferred model.

Although dealerships are out for profit, in their transactions, they give customers’ satisfaction a huge priority. Typical of salespersons, they want to earn to customers’ trust, then turn first-timers to repeat customers.

So, leverage on this to discuss your needs and budget. If these are well-communicated early in the process, a competent salesperson will try to assist you to get a good car at a fair rate.

That said, before you head for a dealership store, do your homework. Also, define the features you seek in a car and stick to it.

When armed with relevant information about the specific Honda Civic car you wish to buy, it strikes out the fear of the unknown, giving you the confidence to go out shopping. In the end, setting out well-informed about the model you prefer helps you save on your purchase.

For Civic cars and their prices in Canada, check out Honda Civic official website for a comprehensive list.

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